Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Because My Shade Is Better Than Hers, I Could Teach You But....

When your Grade-A Shade brings all the boys to the yard
and they say "ooh it's better than hers"
Damn right it's better than hers
I could teach you, but I'd have to charge...

I was reading Jezebel.com (a bad habit of utter laziness that I'm trying to break since the appalling disrespect of Dodai Stewart that caused her and about half the staff to leave.) Anyway! Kara Brown's  recent post called The Shade Court Is In Session definitely deserves to become a regular column. The commentariat especially rose to the challenge and provided some examples that are gems of glory and brilliance that I decided to share. 

Now whatever you may think of Mariah Carey it cannot be denied that her vocal talent is extraordinary; however, did you know that she is also a highly skilled and unusually competent samurai in the game of shade throwing? I have provided these gems of wit and wonder for they do deserve honor. Ah, but the la Maitresse de Shade was challenged for her title by none other than the Goddess herself, Whitney Houston, so to honor Whitney's  memory I included one of her cold-blooded, icey hearted bonmots as well. 

I choose no sides in this issue; I merely seek to provide my readership with quality technique, beauty and excellence as always.  Each instance is worthy, memorable, and utterly respected as any true Politrixter can confirm. These ladies are legends for the quality of their art --- the art of Shade. 
You betta recognize. 
*bows head for a moment of silence*

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