Monday, May 6, 2013


Sadness from a broken heart comes in huge oceanic waves. Wild wall sized waves that slam into you with incredible force and pain. You may see these waves only once in a lifetime. Maybe never. Maybe you've seen and felt the waves frequently. Remember that when you wash up on the shore there is only one way to heal: feel the pain as deeply as it goes....feel the pain in the your heart your pride. Feel it, don't deny it. And you will eventually find that the pain lessens a little bit more and a little bit more on its own. YOur body and heart will heal even if it feels like that is not possible. Feel the pain then watch it recede like an ocean wave. There will be times when memory of the pain can feel almost as hurtful as the original injury. Feel the hurt, feel the memories, watch them recede. Remember this rule and you'll live to feel more joy and love that is far stronger than the hurt ever was. FEEL DEEPLY....DON'T DENY...YOU WILL SURVIVE...JOY IS THE REWARD ...BELIEVE IT

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