Thursday, June 12, 2014

Peeking Inside Vintage Black Glamour's New Coffee Table Book

The soon-to-be-released hardcover edition of Vintage Black Glamour is the source of a trove of beautiful never before seen photography that has conquered the internet with rich and utterly striking imagery collected by its tirelessly creative author Nichelle Gainer.

The photography alone could easily be called historical, but it is Gainer's extraordinary research  uncovering the tales behind the photography which reveal startling stories that nearly belie the glamour of the images; famous black men and women -- artists, movie stars, intelligentsia, artists and aristocrats -- captured by the camera in still life, in all their charisma and talent. In appearance devoid of the least worries, yet off-camera forced to abide by the inequity of segregation and American racism.And Gainer has captured each story behind every superficial image endowing her collection with a weight that is emotionally moving and full of scholarly  significance as well.

This image of Josephine Baker is merely one of many, many illustrations Nichelle Gainer collected with her own hands and research from untold hours inside the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. You can find Vintage Black Glamour on tumblr, Facebook and Pinterest.

And be sure to check out Gainer's site & sister salon to VBG, Anovelista Media.

"Josephine Baker was born 108 years ago today in St. Louis, Missouri. She was photographed here by the wonderful Eve Arnold at the "Josephine Baker Day" celebration in New York in 1950. " ~ Text and Photo courtesy  Vintage Black Glamour

Photo: Magnum Photos ~ Josephine Baker ~  Vintage Black Glamour

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