Sunday, April 21, 2013

Confessions on a Friday

Please listen to's so important... I have to say something. I have something to tell you. It''s about us, Friday. *looking up into his eyes*  

This is really hard. *voice breaking, choked with tears* I don't know how to express myself... because I don't know...maybe you feel differenty. My heart is just going BOOM BOOM BOOM. I never felt this way before.  I mean everything we have, everything with YOU, just works. WE work!! It's so easy, so effortless with you, Friday. I love you. Do you love me too?                                              
Like, my PAST...before YOU I mean... with all the OTHERS *headshake* was just so much WORK always! No matter how much work I never worked out. Empty days. Empty relationship. Empty heart. It was JOB. You know?

 *wipes her cheek tear though unshed tears cling to her lashes* But I know now that this...THIS is LOVE! With YOU, Friday. What we share when we're's amazing. I can't believe that I lived this long without you...            
I only wish...*mournful headshake* I only wish it could always be just like this.  I want the rest of my *lifetime* to be like this, Friday.  I never want to be separated from you again!! And I'm afraid...god...I'm so afraid that THEY will -- *breaks off abruptly* It was THEM...all that TIME...keeping us apart!! NEVER AGAIN!!

But now I KNOW...I UNDERSTAND now!!  We can't let them win!!

I have to see you again. I need you NOW.  I think only about you. You are the ONLY ONE. *hand touches his face* You're the only one who ever mattered to me, Friday.  I love you so much, just the way you are. You're so fucking PERFECT. Oh my god, I'll never forget this day...when I fell in love....with YOU.                
*in a whisper* Please...? Will you marry me, Friday?

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