Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Contemplating Hillary 2016

So conflicted in terms of Hillary Clinton. She's been one of the most important and amazing women for me personally, in terms of intelligence and visibility. From the moment she became First Lady when I was in high school I was fascinated by her passion, how she demonstrated her excellence and became such a Player in the political game next to her husband for sure but distinct from as well. She just captured my imagination so! I mean as an alpha female I just felt her. So a large part of me is thrilled for 2016 to finally see her get the respect she is so long overdue. God I can't lie much as I hate campaigning I've been considering work for hers (ALERT: Highly Unlikely. Campaign work is miserable!) But as a leftie who is utterly dissatisfied with the Democratic party which is now America's center-right locus; it is as if the entire idea of political leftism has died away.. However I am not impressed by any of the possibilities of the Progressive personalities in the game. For all, the questionable decisions that have me doubting Obama those same areas of controversy like foreign policy, intervention and war and of course everyone's new favorite issue, surveillance will all be the centerpieces and hallmarks of Hillary's reign. 

At heart she's always a war hawk. She is always socially liberal but the Clintons have this magical ability for political expedience to come in at the last minute to support movements that are already fait accompli (See: rejecting DADT and the Clinton endorsement of marriage equality which was hella late). By 2020 America will be what Europe is now -- accept it and get over it,or prepare to be fighting your government non-stop because the framework and foundation are already in place -- cameras at every corner, listening devices at every public place and surveillance a daily fact. This is the world today. Oh isn't it Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Paine or some brilliant mind like that who discusses how government's role is generally AGAINST the people - forgive me for I am mixing most egregiously my contexts and Thinkers and their Thoughts, my bad. Somebody said some shit like that.

Anyway - the rise and reign of Hillary will be fraught with complications and serious compromises. The inevitable comparisons to Thatcher are well, inevitable. But Thatcher believed that there was "no such thing as society" and Hillary's life has been dedicated to building and creating an accepting, diverse society, her Village. Hillary Clinton is a bag of contradictions and complicated truths. Oh but I still love her so much -- even when I'm a little bit afraid of her. It's actually that element that makes her so wonderful -- the knowledge of her brilliance, that she is so sophisticated and so deep an intellect that you if you are wise you must fear her.She is always many chess moves ahead. I'm sure she would consider it a compliment, to be considered a fearful adversary and that is precisely how I mean it to be taken, in part at least.

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