Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Blues for Mister Sterling (The Tarnished Remix), First Song Released by Sterling, Ted Nugent Responds to Scandal

MTV EXCLUSIVE NEWS BULLETIN: Late on Tuesday night after Basketball Commissioner Adam Silver presented the country with the NBA's sanctions against the notorious Don Sterling, the owner of the LA Clippers, for inflammatory racial remarks made to his bi-racial mistress in private a phone call made public over the weekend.  

Mr. Sterling has so far refused to come forward to personally address the scandal and its unprecedented consequences. However, MTV has obtained 

a new single written and performed by Mr. Sterling himself and produced by Ted Nugent. 

According to Mr. Sterling's press secretary the song addresses all of the billionair owner's grief and distress over the firestorm. Though previously unknown as a musician his press secretary asserted that Mr. Sterling often expresses  himself musically and the single entitled  Blues for Mister Sterling (The Tarnished Remix) will address all concerns raised. There will be no other comment from Mr. Sterling or his spokespersons as we understand. 

 Blues for Mister Sterling (The Tarnished Remix)
*lyrics provided by RapGenius

I always knew from the first
That  only chocolate skin and greed
Could slake my hunger and my thirst
Profit from exploitation of bodies I don't mind
Making that cheddar
Make my loins just wanna grind

Saw you looking all tasty so much
Oh girl I knew I had to have your touch
You know how I love that game we play
Where I pretend that you be my slave
And I play the Massa who is for you straight thirsty

Now haters keep calling me up to say
That my nightmare has become reality
And now you wanna play me like
The Magic has gone away?

But girl I got to know?!
You ain't  faithful to our thang
For real, when you bring
The Blacks to my games??!  (background repeat x1)
You know my fantasy
To play plantation love games
Let me love you like the true me
Like the slave massa I am inside can't you see?

You sexy to me, girl
And you know you rock my world
I'm down with that sexy swirl
Til you disappointed me
By tryna post pictures to make you happy

Girl, you hurt me cuz yeah I ain't the one, 
You know all up on Instagram
Posing with all them ole black Sams (x2)

(Background harmony)
Why you associate with alla them??
Knowing how they attract vermin??
People callin me on the phone
Aw, damn girl you making my head explode

Why you had to hurt me girl?
You know you rock my world
Know I love that chocolate swirl
But you disrespecting me
And I got to make you see
I'm that Man got to have a woman's obedience
Not tryna talk no 21st year sense
With my fantasy swirling slave wench!
Slave wench (repeat x4)

(Background harmony x2)

Thirsty slave massa
Slave slave slave massa

Now you gone and hurt me so
I just can't even trust you no more
(No no no no more!)
Why you had to do me this way?
Girl I may not live another day

Help me! I have been straight  betrayed
By my fantasy swirling mistress' ways
And by my imitation ungrateful ass
Twenty-first century pseudo-slave plantation

Yes I heard you say:
"We all free now!It don't work that way!"
But you the one who's trippin
You must have disremembered
That I was born in the ante-bellum era
When both race and gender knew their place
Right beneath every white man's finger

Beneath the white man's finger
White man's finger, white man's finger
(background chant x2)

Girl you better go on and run away

Before them pattyrollers call me up to say
"We took your traitor swirling ho!"
Cuz you got to know I still be thirsting for you girl!
You used to really rock my world!

But why bitches always tryna hate?
Tryna to take away shit that I own?
That is my own property!
Hope you got your 30 Judas pennies
You'll never get another Bentley outta me!

Y'all have the need to hear my side, my plea??
Cuz I ain't ashamed, you gotta see
I'm full of that old-school racist ass bigotry
Oh I am straight up nasty!

(Background singers harmonize)
Nasty, nasty
Nasty, nasty

Your chocolate had me fiending
Now I know chocolate is always best eaten
Secretly, like in my fantasies
Where I can stay in my pride to freely be
A nasty-ass cold racist old-school
Wicked massa wannabe
Who gotz that yen for the old ways
Aww baby I miss the good ole days

Oh I'm always thirsty
In my fantasies I am always
The one and  the only
(Aw sing my song if you feel me!!)
I'm white rich male oligarch
Full of hating and I'm free!!

(Background Chorus)Thirsty Slave Massa
Slave Massa
Thirs-thirsty Slave Massa
Slave Massa (fade out)

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