Tuesday, March 4, 2014


a lonely feeling spread
deep & wide
across my chest into my mind
holds my heart in a vise-like grip
squeezes a rhythm, a stuttering beat
pitches a high note of regret
that scars my sadness and pierces the flesh
an ache that sings in perfect time
if I could free me from
this emotion-less-ness
this numb-ness and doubt
I would escape myself
dash my body into the sea,
                                     into the sky
                                              into a universal emotion
                                                                    and consciousness
                                      where the spirits would float
                                                   and whisper to my soul
                                      then I would disperse
                                           like an atom
                                   ...or a beam of starlight
                                   ...or a shadowy mist
                      ...and then I would become whole

for dear Cicely N. and our long late night rap sessions

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