Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Rice Krispies Nasty Treats (Now With 97% Extra Addiction!)

Rice Krispies Nasties

I have had a very stressful week. 

Also I can't stop eating Rice Krispies Treats. I haven't had any of these devils candies (no they are not food!) since I was like 7-years old at like a slumber party. I never even liked them. But the other night I couldn't sleep and I went to the vending machine downstairs (an evil thing I should avoid on principle but somehow I convinced myself a snack would make me sleepy (suuuurrre!) I bought two Rice Krispies Treats. (And some cookies. And a Snickers bar.) So, I've been eating Rice Krispies Treats...but I mean these are new Rice Krispies Treats from the ones I bought in the vending machine. That was like, four, five days ago. I can't STOP.

...but honest to god I think they are making my gums burn. God only knows what the fuck is in this shit. Worse. I had bought almost all the Rice Krispies Treats from the store up the street, which is sort of okay because at least I can't get anymore. But also, Damn! I can't get anymore!!

I have one more left and I'ma save it til after my nap. But ewwww I feel HELLA gross. 

I just needed to tell you that. That's all. *hug*

As Told To My Friend Cicely

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