Sunday, August 9, 2015

In this state I find myself by the red dotted coordinates upon the map of my life.
I see a dress and I think "That is me."
I hear the lyrics and of some song, I feel, and say "That is me."
I know her. I remember me. There is no losing; there is only recognition even when there are lengthy moments of study and consideration 
I remember and recover myself every bit such as one does to locate a lost file within the labyrinth of one's computer.
What the hell does it mean when people are "finding" themselves?
What the hell.
But, in this state, I re-arrange and redecorate  the items that are part and parcel my own Mind Palace.
I am locating the items that exist; I replace them in new configurations upon the map of me
I feel about and remember "That is me".
I restore. I recognize. I relocate and redecorate according to that which is me, 
and that which I shall become as I grow
 As I mature

There is no virtual me

This place inside, the place I feel when my consciousness drops down down into the heart, tells me who and where and what.
Even when I don't understand "Why?"  
When it too difficult to express, as many days are, I luxuriate in silence
because even that is me.
I know myself as I gently feel about, and delicately grasp hold in blindness.
There are many different methods of seeing: I've always known this.
 Often there is fear in this darkness where so much within my own Mind Palace has been damaged.
Those pieces, too, are me.
I put them together, all those puzzle pieces; I know the portrait upon the canvas because it is the likeness of my self
This is what we do.
With patience I 

I must love the darkness and the light,
the reparable brokenness.
Believe and understand:there are elements inside that cannot break
Perhaps I am battered, bruised in places 
But I am UnBroken as well
Me, My Self, I cherish
Every piece is precious - there is no losing, 
 I only identify the coordinates upon the map
and I say,
"I know her. She is Me."

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