Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Anti Depressant Bingo

Usually my yoga can pull me up out of most things but I started to notice that there was a problem. I wasn't bouncing back. Sleeping too much or not at all. Far too weepy. So I went to my doctor and he gave me an anti-depressant that had worked for me in the past. Two weeks he said and I should be feeling less blah the doctor says. So I'm very grateful that there is this kind of medicine. I know the drill. I've been here before. But this time I was smart and asked for help.

On the other hand I'm not real sure about my therapist yet. We're going to have to have a talk. I have a female therapist for the first time and she's my same age. And we sort of get along like girlfriends. Which can be a problem when your therapist uses 20 minutes of your own talk time telling you her problems.

Truthfully though listening to her actually shined a light on the fact that none of my problems are so bad or so unfixable nor are they so uncommon. My story is basically the same as everyone else in my age range. So as long as  the therapist and I can find a balance I should make some decent progress.

My doctor yesterday said for me not to feel bad especially since I was involved in so many efforts of self-improvement like therapy and yoga and then there's my writing as well. "This is really an ideal period in life to make changes, at your age. You have *SO* much life ahead of you," he said. "Be nice to yourself. You have a lot going on. Two to three weeks. You'll feel better."

So that was really nice. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Don't feel like a weakling if you find yourself not bouncing back as quickly from difficult or hurtful things in life. Be kind to yourself. Don't let yourself suffer because there's help. If you wouldn't let someone you love slide down a well then you certainly shouldn't do so yourself. Ask for help and it will be okay. Sometimes that helping hand makes all the difference.

Think: if this were happening to my best friend what would I say/do? Then you realize that you have options. Do your yoga. If you don't do yoga, start. Five minutes, sit quietly, clear your mind. But go to the doctor if you need to. You can't get effective answers from the Universe if you're too sick or depressed to pay attention.

So...two to three weeks. That's okay. I'm making a notation in my shoe calendar and I get a big treat in two weeks because I deserve a flipping treat!!

That's how you play Anti Depressant Bingo to WIN!!

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