Monday, November 4, 2013

Will Madam President Hillary Clinton Be Our Moses or Our Pharoah?

The rampant nostalgia and urgent attempts to rush in the age of Madam President Hilary Clinton disturb me on some levels. Hillary needs to come correct with some very detailed proposals of what her vision for the country is now that we have endured eight years of decline and warfare under George W and constant gridlock and political sabotage by the right under President Obama. 

But there are some uncomfortable truths that have to be examined in the Clintonian record not the least being  the fact that make no mistake  Bill and Hillary are a team. We know this. But consider that it was Bill Clinton who passed NAFTA and the consequences of that piece of labor change has resulted in the near complete collapse of manufacturing jobs here in the US the very industries that sustained the nation with great economic wealth for a vast section of the country's workers following WWII. NAFTA enabled and empowered corporations  to abandon American workers entirely and no incentive it seems shall ever coax them back short of redistribution of the wealth in reverse where the American worker consents to a sort of serfdom for the greater glory of ipad production and higher definition television manufacture. A sort of friendly fascism has now begun to take hold and its shadow is  a terror and a menace that holds everyone of us in thrall.

Then there is Madam Clinton's hawkishness in the international sphere. Will she enter office with the intention of further beating the drum of support for Israel and its endless pursuit of destruction of the Palestinian cause?? Wil it be her intention to continue to enable those policies  of the Geo. W Bush era in search of a destabilized Middle Eastern country to topple in order to achieve the ultimate dream of  an oil colony to service the West's addiction to Jeep Cherokees, Range Rovers and Hummers at the price of fifty cents per gallon of gas? 

In many ways Hillary is such a dark horse and so inscrutable so that it is deeply critical that those on the left hold her responsible and relentlessly pin her down on her intentions. Ideally she will be able to achieve what has  been impossible for President Obama to even consider, much less achieve, the pursuit overhauling the badly decayed infrastructure of the United States.  In addition to the jobs this could provide it is also deeply critical to address the chaos and brittle breakdown that is progressing at such a desperate rate here at home.  We're bleeding out and yet -- forgive the coming wild  mix of metaphors -- the band plays on as the ship sinks lower and the victim is trying to ignore that his life blood and spirit are steadily seeping out preferring to make some quick last minute tweets,  one last shout out to friends and family about Dancing With the Stars before fading with barely a whimper. (if you're going to mix metaphors be brave and creative dammit Besides its impossible to overstate the desperate nature of America's problems.)

Madam Hillary is now quite legitimately that grandest of dames, and an old time pol, a veteran of backroom deal making done amidst hard men who are busy dividing up the world;s favors between nations and themselves. She has such potential I want to believe but only  fool underestimates a Clinton and I feel exhilarated and uneasy equally. She could be one of the Great Presidents of our time, indeed of anytime. 

But the question is whether she will pursue a status quo of political policies further cementing the almost unlimited power and freedom of the oligarchs? Will she allow that self interest to drive the country further into the disappearing landscape into the desert. We citizens are held at gunpoint by our very own politicians and someone needs to stand ahead of the multitudes and cry out Let my people go!!  Yes that's meoldramatic -- I am Politrixie I live for the passion and sloppy emotion of melodrama but I know common damn sense and how to call a spade --  andcan you truly say it isn't necessary?

She could be the One. But will hers and Bill's penchant for the glitz and glamour, for personal glory, the fancy friends and love for the exclusive clubs of cozy world leaders be the seduction away from her  from her would be populist tendencies. One thing is certain: if American wants Hillary then every citizen owes it to himself to force her to produce, to demand she live up to her own legendary intelligence and the hope that she represents for so many desperate individuals right now. If you love her then pressure her with the desperation. Force her to part the Red Sea and free the lot of us because anything else is pap or failure.

 Don't go all mushy eyed and soft!! Fight her in order to fire her with inspiration to fight for us. The consequences are too dire and times are not improving. Shit got real pretty damn quick. So let's make sure she knows that we expect her to do the business for the people not for the businessmen in the board rooms and back rooms.

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