Thursday, September 12, 2013

Conversations on a Discouraging Love Affair

When you love someone you have to prepare yourself for the the possibility that the Beloved may well resent you for that love. As Lovers we want to believe that everyone is waiting to be loved perfectly, and that upon realizing that perfect love has found them the Beloved will fall into your arms and skip with you in sync over sunny white sand beaches and cherry blossom strewn spring days.

But sometimes the Beloved resents the Lover because of the blindness that exists in his own heart. When the Beloved cannot see himself at all it makes him angry to be told what he cannot even imagine. He rejects the gift because he does not believe in perfection. The resentful Beloved wants no part of a robust love given freely and abundantly, and he will abuse and reject any Lover who offers it.

If you are the Lover and this is your Beloved you must remember that it is not the Love that hurts you merely the actions of the Beloved. You may have to allow your love to exist silently and privately. You may have to put your Love away quietly, to hide it where the un-happy Beloved can never find it nor damage what is precious to you. There is no guarantee at all that the Beloved will ever accept your love. There is no guarantee that a Lover will find fulfillment and peace with his Beloved. Sometimes there will be only sorrow when this Lover and Beloved meet.

However  generous Lovers be comforted: Love may grant you a much more kindly and deserving Beloved in return payment for your Lover's faith. A churlish, resentful Beloved is not the true Lover's natural object of affection; it's an aberration of Nature yet not entirley unheard of. A true Lover may have to wait in patience for Karma, Time and Fate to reveal a much more compatible mate.

There are laws to Love just as there are laws the govern the rest of creation.  Saying goodbye to the resentful Beloved may be a blessing. Wait. The Universe will reveal its secrets in time. The rhythms of love will respond to the paces of a steady heart. To the constant heart. Patience is the key to open the door. Longing will provide the necessary strength to lead you through the new  experience. And that love that you have kept safe will bond you to the true Beloved who has been searching, waiting and anticipating you.

Based Upon Conversations and Loving Advice from my dear friend Cicely N.

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