Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Wannafuck Nation

Wannafuck Nation comes alive 
   between the hours of 12 -5
What you want? I'll give you the fuck, if you gimme the bucks
   she said with a smile
Give me a lift and I'll let you come inside
Me? Oh I work too. What do you do? 
What do you make - love or war? 
    she says with wink
Inside she thinks, Do I even love my body anymore?

What's your real price?
Have you discovered it yet?
Wannafuck Wannafuck Wannafuck
   they all say
Come on baby, he says
You're famous I know your name
Come on, baby, will I get off from the ride?
She smiles
  I'm famous muthafucka! 
  Damn right!

Fidelity is about property 
and I prefer property I find

You found me and there's plenty of gain
Me & me & me times ten
What are you worth if I get all that?
More than you know and more than you'll get
    but she doesn't say that she smiles
    she knows the game
    get off this is wannafuck nation
    getting paid is its own inspiration
    she is only as strong as her last conquest
    but free and her own after coming 
    from the last paying guest
Hysteria by Natalie Shau

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