Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Mothership Has Run Out of Gas

Do old Hippies  die                                               
Or do they just fade away?
Are Soul Brothas & Sistas fighting 
the Power
Still convinced that the Man will topple
in the Revolution any day now?

Old Hippies Soul Brothas & Sistas
Do you know where your children are?

Because they ain't down for the Struggle
and can't find a Cause
And some of the kids 
think the Movement
Sold Out

Time has recycled itself again 
Free Love off-spring 
wanna be the Man  
     Fuck communes! Yo, I need my space
     My MTV Crib, money!
     Old man you lame
     Back up outta my face
     Talking that  shit bout
     One Day We'll All Be Free
     I'm tryna come up, son
     Tryna get paid, B!
     That Peace & Love shit is in my way
     I ain't hearing you, money.
     Not today.

Hippies Soul Brothas & Sistas Unite
We learned this from watching you, daddy-o
The X Factor Files say the truth is out there
and fame is what it's about

Now the aristocrats are y'all
Former Hippies Soul Brothas & Sistas
21st Century reformed 
by money and clout
Gone are the Flower Children and the Revolutionaries No
Of once upon time
And to think y'all were the ones
who actually had it all figured out

Now the names have been changed
There's no innocence left
ain't nobody brave
Times ain't the same
and the Cause got complex
You got the next generation 
feeling hella vexed

Dig this you Masters of the Universe: 
Capitalism ain't gonna defeat no muthafuckin' Terrorists!

Hippies Soul Brothas & Sistas
You had it all:
The Villains to fight
Movements and Marches
Protest and always, forever
the Holy of Holies
the ever sacred Cause
(Hey, Marge, tell those damn kids to get off my lawn!!)

You are aimless 
like Eve & Adam
After the Fall
Homeless in America

Hippies Soul Brothas & Sistas
You had it on lock
You were in the front seat
You were driving the Dream
down the highway
to Freedom
At Last!!

Now you got us out here

the Mothership has run out of gas

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