Saturday, November 2, 2013

Thoughts On Writing and Shit, Literally Speaking

Wanting to write and not being able to is like being constipated and unable to find any Sennakot anywhere. Or worse even. Drugs can give you a blast of creativity -- like an enema perhaps? - but that's entirely unreliable. You aren't truly in control of the quality of what you produce. People say "be patient, it'll come!" just like if you were straining for a shit or something. Makes me so mad. The not-writing issue and the constipation type platitudes too. But you know just when you give up and decide to go for a run or something then you feel the urge and it's like "Uh-oh!!" Trying to find the corresponding equivalent to force creativity however is no less frustrating. But you never know I might get the urge any minute now...jus sayin...if you read this and have unpleasantness in your head now I can't apologize I'm just venting. (Venting, ha!!)

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