Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thanksgiving for GOOD GirlFrienship!! PS - Away with the Crazy Makers and Yay for TRUTHFUL Powerful Reinforcement based in Love and Mutual Commitment to Betterment

One thing I REALLY like about being a late 30-something rather than a cutesy but confused 20something is that around 30 and certainly by 35 you simply have to start cleaning out your friendship closet. Well that is if you want a productive and satisfying friendship life --so AWAY go all the stressor types and the party friends with drama 24/7; the fake girls; the friends who always seem to make you doubt yourself and your actions, who always are able to sow those seeds of discontent within you when you otherwise are indeed quite content....

Oh the list abounds with the so called friends and crazy makers that you have to part with in the post-35 era. And its scary at first!! You think about what people are saying behind your back, is this the right thing....and that's how you know you did EXACTLY the right thing. If you're spending all your time worrying about petty shit you need a Friendship MakeOver and somebody is going to GoodWill at the end!!

But it's about what you GAIN from the process...and that means women friends who can tell you the truth without making you feel small or silly. Who reassure you of your self worth when you are being your own worst critic. Who are there for laughs and hugs just because but also full of support in the hard times. Whom you don't have to have a REASON to drop a line and say "hey girl this is happening to me, isnt' it great" or "Hey girl this is happening aint that some shit!" It's worth so much peace of mind and comfort in spirit to have other women friends who are actively working to put themselves in the right space mentally, physically, spiritually, creatively etc. just as you are doing as well

You may SEEM to lose a lot in the Friendship Charity Give -Away but you gain so much more. It's the Thanksgiving season and I'm so grateful for those friends whose "real talk" is something I cherish rather than secretly hiding offense.It's wonderful to have friends whose opinions you respect even should you disagree. It's that ability to respect even in disagreement, in recognizing that what may be right for another is/isn't right for you that indicates you've correctly placed yourself on a maturity level about your friendship. You know what to put in in order to receive good vibes back. Don't forget to say a prayer o thanks for TRUE Good Girlfriends this week!! 

Good conversation, good friendship, good laughs, good hugs, good love and real healthy and honest advise coming from the place of love and meant to keep you on the road to self realization is what it's about.

Viva good girlfriends!! <3 

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