Thursday, July 3, 2014

For Mommy: A Prayer

The Universe ~ God's body ~ is pregnant with love
     that is stronger than pain
     than hunger
     than nihilistic darkness and absence of    hope
His Love escapes Time, prances and capers across the conscious Universe
     dusting us, His creations and image, with the power of light
     the powdery stuff of stardust to blanket us
     and protect from sorrows in dark of night
Within His luxuriant embrace we are sheltered from hollow despair

 Surrender and abundance are the ecstatic destiny awaiting us all
      transformed through each lifetime
      if you would but travel his roads
      for you should discover the finale to toil and sweat soaked years
      and the infinite shall enfold you to bring you home again
      to grace and mercy beyond the veil of tears.


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