Thursday, July 3, 2014

Signs & Language

Just as a ship to water is bound to current, wave and tide
as a nimbus cloud is painted upon shell pink sky
my heart beats with my flesh and my blood, it cleaves to love
it cleaves to love

Yet when an echoing heart answers
endeavors to make its own love
nature's aphrodisiacs fueling passion
in a selective rhythm beat and rhyme
inherent to the soul that becomes like one 
to which two inseparable bodies are tied 
the space for love exists beyond, outside 
reason & space & time
thus emotion conquers and translates to code 
precious and sacred murmurs,
of hurts and thrills, of pleasure and pain, and the meaning of each sigh
is a language all their own, 
a complete world of understanding manifested in unique & secret signs
communication conducted in a perfection of silence
transmitted by lovers' eyes 

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