Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Survivor's Tale

Survival has no mercy
it only cares for itself
it destroys every barrier with a wrath
it demolishes emotion
and upon such weakling nonsense
casts a pall, eliminates softness
takes the hard road for its path
Survival has one single motive and only loyalty to itself
and its power is selfishly devoted
and after serving for its sake 
often one finds  oneself alone 
when the greatest need and desire of every survivor
is just to find and hold her own home

Pray for the Survivor

Pray for her Cause
Pray that she finds her way
and that her survival superpower soon and soon decays
for peace comes only to the one who knows
how to relinquish control
to she who can lay down the sword 
to at last end the war

The battle waged for survival

is that for her very soul
which brutalizes every survivor
for, if too long and fearsomely engaged
she dies - loses more than life - never tasting
peace comfort or rest
found at the labyrinth's end

Yet when the brutality of Winter is passed away
Spring greets the Warrior with the key to her peace:
the blessing of the precious gift of Grace
the Survivor is freed from her battle of subsistence
liberated she has endured and outlasted
 now safe in the Promised Land 
far from Survival's bare life in death, 
no more to suffer that twisted & wicked maze 

_~The Survivor's Tale~

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