Sunday, July 6, 2014

I Can Do Bad All By Myself: The Ballad

In honor of the Black woman's time honored  Declaration of Indendence I present I Can Do Bad All By Myself:The Ballad
You gave me very little and I said it was good
When you asked for much, I stole all that I could
Unbalanced affections never bothered me very much
The smallest sip of love potions made me reeling drunk
And I never noticed that the heaping portions I poured into your cup
Hardly addled your mind, barely swelled your emotions

You were the strongest moonshine 
But you never swooned for my love--
My gaze never caused you to burn--

By the time I recognized that my poverty was extreme
That your wealth was so great (just like your greed)
I was a beggar, on the streets, but you owned my life
Little enough good it has done for me and the storm inside me rages in strife:
Possession, they say, is nine-tenths of the law

So I sold you my heart; a 90% markdown on sale
And now that I see how rich and fat you've grown from my love
There is a freezing in my veins and desire is deadened, numbed
When here I am poor and cold--
Now I know I don't want you or need you--

I can do bad all by myself, all alone

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