Saturday, December 27, 2014

Got 2B Real The Diva Variety Show is My New TV LOOOOOVE -

So I only just discovered Got 2 Be Real The Diva Variety Show and I don't even have any info on the Who, What, How (did all this delicious shade come to BE!?!?!) but don't worry about alla that...just watch ...and be sure that everyone is out of the room so you can roll on the floor and laugh as wild as ya wanna be! I am a fan 4eva!! This is the very first episode but there's a brand new webisode so check out the premise then get watching...I LIVE for this show now.

(DECEPTICON!!! omg dead!!)

                                                 this one is scream out loud funny....

Seriously I just watched the entire series and I had to laugh my loud ugly laughs...this show is BRILLIANT!! Belly aches. Belly aches, I tell you. SO happy! Best binge watch EVER!

                                            "This show be over soon. Shade last forever." 
Got 2B Real always!! :))))) xoxo 

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