Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Politrixie PostScript: The I Ain't Mad Atcha Edition

PostScript re: Holidays @ Halle's or Get a Grip and Don't Fuck Racists

Not gonna lie: Gabriel Aubry is fine as hell!! I can see how Halle might have been weakened...But!! Big big big BUT! Nah, can't do it. Got to keep on, keeping on, there's a new train at the depot every hour, on the hour...plenty fish in the sea...

Ones who don't teach their children crazy race denial.

*waves goodbye with a wistful look at all the fineness that she will never have the opportunity to caress, touch, smell...* 

*strolls  right away*

*feelings bruised by Aubry's ignorance,  his blindness,his brain-weakness and lack of enlightenment Politrixie lets the tears fall where they may*

"Women Be Like, Nah I Aint Mad"

Brad Pitt is the only blonde for me anyway!

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