Wednesday, March 25, 2015

9hr Motel Lobby Couch Musings

Art by Oscar Grafias

They'll say "How hard did you hustle? did you really dance and bustle? see, your lesson will be the victory!" 

But the journey is different for the walkers and the wicked, forsooth you did certainly contribute to your sufferings and this misfortune because you must have done something to deserve this trial, to cause you to live this as your truth. 

But if living in struggle is a captial crime then everyone of us will serve their time til the day/night comes that it be you, alone and afraid, now to crawl or stumble, to fearfully walk  that line 

They'll tell you happy platitudes and encourage you with fine chatter still you should know open hands, open hearts are few to find upon this journey and those few are the only  that matter 

It only takes one kindness to show light's love in its glorious redemption and that's the surprise that few ever mention: finding yourself peacefully back home though doubt not that most times the walk is long,lonely and bitter 

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