Friday, March 13, 2015

Suite Metropolis

A new installment of Trixie Raconteur's Adventures...

It wasn't the Senator's afternoon for his visit which meant that Trixie was going to have to wait until Saturday for him to advance her weekly payments. It wasn't that she needed the money but it made her nervous this new arrangement where she was nearly exclusively servicing him. And the money was fantastic. It was glorious. It was heavenly even though he wasn't quite the masterful sex god that she made him believe he was.

But the point was that she was surrendering certain freedoms that made her life the adventure that it was. Not to mention the Senator was miffed with her for her power play in trying to make him hire her girl who was jobless and broke. What the fuck how was he going to fault her for trying him; hell, that shit might have worked, as they both knew.

Trixie was sitting, nude, at her window seat looking out over busy afternoon bustle of Metropolis watching Door Shaker stumble about as he cursed all the people, walking the Rittenour neighborhood streets,the people that could be seen by anyone and the ones that only Door Shaker himself could see. For exactly nine hours and forty seven minutes Rittenour's very own highly respected genius-slash- local-bum -- though no one would ever have disrespected him by calling him a bum; people only thought the term, never spoke it -- had been yelling  over and over, at the top of his strange raspy voice "Fat muthafucka!!! You a fat muthafucka!" 

"Get on way from here Fat Muthafucka!! Get on way from here!!" He pronounced his curse with power and great fortitude, John the Baptist style as a blanket condemnation and judgement on the whole of Rittenour, perhaps on the whole of Metropolis itself. 

However, at that  very moment he eyed Trixie at her window seat, two stories above the street in all her nude, brown, enticing glory and for the first time in hours since he had begun crying out his judgment and conviction on man-and-womankind he smiled a smile that transformed his scruffy nappy bearded face from a visage of entire madness to one of cheerful intelligence that belied the insane figure that he normally cut as the chief wino of Rittenour; of course if one didn't know that in a former life not so many decades prior Door Shaker had been a mathematician of great distinction, he had been short listed for the Fields Medal once upon a time.

His voice changed entirely as he tipped his invisible hat to her: "Fine morning, Lady!! You are making this a mighty fine morning!" Door Shaker bowed, offered her an invisible rose, winked and strolled away up the block. Trixie had made a friend of Door Shaker a long time ago. She was one of the few people who knew that Door Shaker, for all his fallen on hard times appearances, was no bum. Still she was sworn to secrecy: Door Shaker was a private person and he didn't want other people in Metropolis knowing his business. If they thought he was a bum the that was just fine, he'd told her. He was a bum.

Perhaps fifteen minutes passed by before she heard the angry, fierce shouts again. "Fat muthafucka! Goddammit you ain't nuthin but a fat muthafucka!!" This time however the noise was clearly blocks away. Seeing pretty Trixie the Ho at her window seat taking the morning sunshine had brought Door Shaker to his senses just so....he didn't want to be bothering the Lady, as he called her. He'd toddled, drink sodden as many blocks away from her window as he could manage in present state. 

The Lady had business to be tending to and he had no wish to disturb her.

"Fat muthafucka!! You a fat muthafucka!!"

Well, that was a good thing at least, Trixie thought. The curses were far less strident at this distance. She strolled into the kitchen for some coffee. That damned chino was taken over. Crack was one thing and meth was another but this new shit -- chino, they called it. It had become the proverbial thief in the night, sneaking in stealing away the minds of even the most high and mighty. From the brilliant to the humble. 

Chino was now at least as powerful in its way as the Senator was in his own.

"Fat muthafucka ---!!" 

Trixie had the whole day to herself. She sat down with her coffee at the window seat again to contemplate how she was spend her day.

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