Monday, March 23, 2015

Fear Factor and Leaving Home Due to the Eviction Monster...*deep breath* woosah!

Please help donate to my Eviction Fund!! Think of it as a charity ball....with out the glam!! 

Truly my Mommy who is disabled due to chronic depression and I have been struggling for awhile now. If you remember my frustrated and bitter piece from December I've been on a rocky boat in dangerous waters since November. 

I'm not losing faith. I'm meditating hard. But I am scared. I am as of 5pm today a homeless person. 

This is happening to me. 
This is happening to me.

My mother is definitely on the edge and frequently speaking of suicide at this point.

Damn, I'm gonna lose my prayer closet!! Meditation....Meditation....Good thoughts....
and panic attacks...

I'm afraid but  I am no punk. I'm trying to be hard but for all that is glitz and glam is 'hardness' really a good look?? 

Thank god for Xanax

Politrixie's Eviction Fund -- It's a Charity Gala without the Glam

But on the positive side I absolutely put my foot down on this point.... 

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