Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lament for a Stone Cold Lover

Sorrow came over and sat snug in my lap
Said he was staying and what did I think about that?
Wanted to know did I miss him while he was away?
Had I been faithful, had I protected his love, the punnany?

He rapped and he whispered his blues all night long.
He promised to hold me and never leave home.
And while he rocked into me I felt my heart growing cold.
His love felt so wrong that I feared for my soul.

Because now I know that Sorrow's a thief
He's a devilish-trickster and a-lying-ass cheat.
He got so cozy in my home, he thought he belonged.
But he has worn out his welcome and he needs to go on.

When I told him to leave, he laughed til he cried.
He opened his mouth and started his lies:
"You can't evict me! You the one who invited me in!
Your triflin hospitality is a stone ugly sin."

"I bet yo manners be polite and refined,
When you be hugged up to Love like he's all divine!
I am hurt and offended by yo' spite and yo' hate
Which I have endured and suffered of late!"

Like always, Sorrow broke me down and down into tears 
I was alone and empty, I was depressed and a'wearied .
To save my soul I had to act as I shall never regret: 
Because I packed up my bags I stone cold left.

Because Sorrow's a deceiver, a hustler and a thief.
He will rob your spirit and your joy, 
your calm and your peace.
He would not go when I asked him to leave
So I left that curse of a man: I had to break free

Yet  I wonder did I hurt him when I left him alone?
Does he despise the tender heart he nearly turned into stone?
And, sometimes I am troubled in my new lover's arms
Haunted by Doubt, Sorrow's irresistible charm

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