Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Then Trixie Said to Savannah Part III..

"And my boyfriend told me told me anyway that he liked it all Wild Africa down there," Trixie gave an elegant shrug despite the vulgar sentiment. "So I kept it like that!! What goes on at the TOP of my head he don't need to worry about!!" Then she burst into peals of laughter.

Savannah stared at her friend shocked because she knew that Trixie was talking about one of her white boyfriends but then the laughter defeated her. "Did he SAY that....Wild Africa!!" Savannah asked.

"No girl...but you know that's what he meant!" Trixie said. They screamed with tears rolling down their faces. Wild Africa.

Soon Savannah was sleepy again. "Oh you go back to sleep, girl! I'll be quiet I promise!" Trixie kissed her friend's forehead and lightly shut the door.

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