Sunday, March 10, 2013

These Things Which Are Mine to Keep

Love is
a dis-ease
in the blood
lies dormant
incubates & debilitates
the heart, muscle, nerves
the dis-ease
it longs to roam
it desires to thrive

no cure
for this can be dispensed
by pharmacists and shrinks
yet the suffering
longing,desperation, and thirst
Drink: poison 
from a lover's mouth 
from his lips 
Whispered secrets

 -- gently, gently --
the merest caress 
Soft, as a kiss 

Sing, my foolishness
my delusiveness 
my melody of weakness
of heart, of body
that craved & pined
for the poverty of your love, true

I was chasing my dragon: 
mainlining you

Antidote Unknown
they say it is Time
the pain lingers, never lessens
throbs & whines 
 to an hysterical beat
late in the night
 in wakefulness and fatigue
pulses and weeps
sighs, begs, calls
"come back to me" 

Missing the pressure
of your love
pressed onto mine
your distance
your absence 
in the night 
my soul calling to yours
with panicked

alleviate this sickness
kiss me again
- as when loved me before
 the way you did back then -

Afterward to your ghost
I plead
Just leave me. 
Please let me rest.
Go away let me
be among the whispers
of the past
no matter
if they be perceptible
 only to me 

Here, amidst my treasures,
that I hold deep inside
where that broken love 
so long bereft
lives on
in spite of your abandonment 

(this, my love, my deepest secret)

These memories are mine:
these secret lover's oaths
(all have been breached)
they are fractured, unhealed
in broken disrepair
yet to memory's senses
fresh, still aware
these, too, are mine 
they belong to me
to have
to hold
to obey
to cherish and keep

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