Friday, March 15, 2013

Trixie Taxes That Ass

Savannah came into the kitchen early Sunday morning to start a special pancake breakfast for Trixie. She regularly did the cleaning, laundry, cooking anything as a way to help out and say thank you at the same time. Not many friends are so dedicated as to let you live rent free but she'd been at Trixie's for three months now, though it didn't seem so long. The job market was dead. Her most frequent activity was trying to keep up with the wild rhythm of Trixie's busy life.    

However she had yet to determine any exact profession that Trixie plied. She was as flighty as ever. There were as many men about as ever yet still there was something that held Savannah back from fully settling on the prostitution thesis; it just didn't fit. She was making a lot of money for sure but  ultimately the  sense of freedom the she emanated dissuaded Savannah that Trixie  was involved in that lifestyle. Not that Savannah knew what "that lifestyle" was really like. She'd seen Pretty Woman but that was about it.

So when she got to the dining room and saw Trixie poring over reams and reams of paper work, keying in data into her Macbook she was startled. Trixie was only coming home at 7am on many days, so Savannah would serve her breakfast in bed. Then she'd settle next to her on the bed next to her and get the details of whatever latest gossip and drama that Trix had to rundown before she went to sleep for a few hours.

"Trix what are you doing, girl?"

"Hey girl!!" Trix looked up and smiled warmly, ducked her head back down to her work. "It's tax time, girl. I gotta get all this stuff to my accountant ASAP. He told me not to leave out anything. To look over all my investments and stuff.  I gotta keep on top of the market. Shit's too hectic right now. Got a bitch nervous as hell.   You know I love me some Barack but if he make me lose all my money I'm gonna be one mad black bitch. I cannot lie," she said. 

"Oh, well if you need help then say something. You know I did the books at my old office. I could have done that for you for free, Trixie! You don't have to spend a whole lot of money on somebody," Savannah said, feeling very distressed that she hadn't offered without being told.

"Oh baby don't worry about that. You're on vacation. You don't have to be doing all that. And this guy--" Trixie broke off, seemed to be distracted before speaking again. "Anyway, I'm not worried about the cost. Some things take care of themselves, you know?" 

Savannah agreed amiably but with little understanding, as usual, to the machinations of her friends life. And then an unusual thing happened. Trixie's phone rang. That wasn't unusual but she answered the phone in her regular voice, not her Party-Girl Voice, or her White People Job Interview Voice but her real voice though she never identified the caller by name.

"-----Hey. No I'm working on that stuff Joel told  me to ----- What? Hang on my signal is-----I SAID HANG ON KRISTOFF---!!"

Savannah didn't make a habit of memorizing the endless comings and goings from the apartment but as she flipped pancakes she seemed to remember meeting a 

Kristoff? Kristoff? Kristoff? She ran it through her mind. 

He was the man who had been in the apartment that night watching TV!! The one who waved and seemed so unconcerned!! But she'd never seen him again and had forgotten to ask Trixie about him

"---Mh." Trixie was  saying in  a sullen voice. "We'll talk about it. You know. Later, okay. Baby?  --- Alright" she said as she hung up. Trixie went back to making her notations as Savannah finished making breakfast. 

The atmosphere had changed so Savannah didn't pry but for all the world she could swear that Trixie had been talking to a lover.  


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