Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Meditations on Meditation

One of the most happy indications that I have discovered affirming my own self devotion to the science of yoga study - even its most basic, introductory stages (which is where most devotees are despite the pride one feels in being acquainted with the study at all :) - is the awe I feel when I encounter just *a single sentence* that exposes my utter ignorance. I have many opportunities to experience this awe because I rarely complete a single sentence without stopping to realize that I don't even know the true meaning of individual words, much less the grouping of these words into sentences.

I mean, I'm talking about when you're on *page one* of a book entitled something like, "Introductory Yoga" or some generic instructional text like that and realize *that you have no fucking concept of the statement, *nor have you ever thought such a thought*; and *furthermore now that this sentence has informed you of this new principle you are more than vaguely certain that you are a significant distance from coming to understand said thought with any sense of advanced wisdom or any claim of expertise*

There's a funny kind of JOY in those realizations. Whatever you know or thought you knew before encountering the study of yoga, there is proof in every sentence of study, in every moment of meditation and in every minute contact with pretense of devotion that you  are ignorant.

But the joy comes in the knowledge that there is a CURE for that ignorance even if the cure does take a million lifetimes ....or whatever the hell that means.

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