Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Is One Woman's Revenge a Gift That Can Open A Door to Social Change?

Question I'm pondering today: If you want something done had you better send a woman to do it?
The conversation over Sterling's reprehensible humanity has been desperately wavering by certain hysterical folk over how he was "betrayed" and "lead on" by a "thirsty ho". Mind you, that evil bastard didn't begin breaking laws and committing civil rights violations when he met Stiviano or on the day they had their strange conversation which has brought ire from so many directions. But so far there has also been a roaring silence on Sterling's misogyny, a conversation just a difficult to enter in the mainstream as race if not more so. 
What I'm hearing across the board in newspapers on Twitter and other social media is that the NBA commissioner's decision is soft, ineffectual and does nothing to work toward the systemic racism , classism and misogyny of sports or American culture
So why this sleepy Xanax weakness and unwillingness to use this historic decision as a platform and watershed some for real change? Forget Sterling there's a whole country in which systemic racism and sexism has held back human progress in this country and not just in a moral and ethical sense. If we accept that all humans contribute to society then the fact that we treat women and non-whites as second class citizens also means we have willingly limited our progress in all areas in favor of trusting a bunch of white male oligarchs to give us all we need.
It has been done before you know? Slaves have been freed in vast numbers. But the example that comes to mind involves a woman  who got  the job done. Perhaps Stiviano in her own personal way regardless of her reasons has done us a favor if we'd only take up the challenge to do more far beyond revenge or the need to make a touchy subject disappear. 
Wake the fuck up people.

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