Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hysterical Love

Laurel Burch First Kiss

I was looking for love 

but damn, baby, did I mess up
I thought you were the one
because you always made me come
and now I discover that you are not a lover
who you be? and what you need?
I do not know but God knows it ain't me
I'm not the first to be addicted and cursed
with enjoyment of that dick
and addiction we know is a sickness
just as love is a fierce plague and disease
that flares up on occasion
and weakens the soul
burns feverishly in the body
burns me betwixt the legs 
and destroys the very common sense and reason
all up in my brain and head
I'm not thinking well
and I can't speak or tell nobody nothin
about this infection
about my desire and affection
for you and your ways
even tho I know now that it's not me
that you want but what do I care?
I'm still here I'll take what I can get
And learn to live with it
Because that's what hysterical love does
it takes me from myself
and transports me to a sweet warm homely hell
despite popular opinion
hell is a place where all you desire is free
I desired to have you with me
and now I must burn forever
until time ends and you defect to heaven

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