Thursday, January 22, 2015

"That White man's chino is the devil though" The Cocoa Jungle's Amatoribus Community Endures Its Deadly Plague With Dignity

A new installment from the Trixie Raconteur fictional series. Herein  we learn a bit about the seedier side of Trixie Raconteur's city, Metropolitan through this local news report.The rap group Junkie's Revenge has lately made the drug mochaccino quite popular despite its deadly effects....

"Cuz Mister Wonka when it was just him, he didn't know. He didn't know that chino could be like this.But Mister Charlie knew." ~Chocolate Dick

They call themselves the comedentis cocos - The Cocoa Eaters. Sometimes they are known as amatoribus cocos, the Cocoa Lovers. Here in the Cocoa Jungle, this once proud neighborhood now overrun by predatory chocolatiers whose consciences are replaced by profits that soar higher everyday, mochaccino has become the most popular form of cacoa, that deadly and most addictive of all the substances sold here in the Jungle. The mercatores cocos are dead eyed and alarmingly wired, most likely from ingesting much of their own product, mochaccino being a stimulant that is notorious for its days wide-awake side effects. 

But the amatoribus cocos are a kind and generous community in spite of the violent anxiety and deadly addiction that is ever with them but I find that one does become inured to the jittery, jumpy eagerness before too long. The amatoribus are a literate, lively bunch, nothing like the Chino Zombies one associates with the Jungle. They talk about movies, books, art and music. They speak quickly and display twitches, pacing restlessly as they talk to me. 

I've come here to the Cocoa Jungle to talk to a 42-year old mochaccino addict called Chocolate Dick. Chocolate Dick tells me that he has been addicted to mochaccino (called mocha or sometimes chino, for short) since he was in 17 years.

 It is the devil he abhors and adores and the evidence of its ruin runs through his face and body and in the melancholy of his voice as he speaks, which he does in an eloquence of sorrow and remorse.

I asked Chocolate Dick to tell me about his life as an amatoribus; after a long silence which I at first took for refusal he began his tale in his grizzled fashion illustrating an entire generation's identity expressed in terms of cocoa and mocha and chino. Always the chino. 

Chocolate Dick didn't mind telling me his story, he said, but he preferred to write it out. He promised to meet me back at the unofficial city center of the Jungle, next to the Jungle's oldest purveyor of chino, Starrfux later that day with his essay. We agreed on a time and I had time to wander the Jungle's streets and talk to other residents.

Graffiti in the Cocoa Jungle

My name is Richard but everybody calls me Chocolate Dick cuz nobody knows more about chino, mocha and cocoa than me. That's a fact.

That mochaccino is the devil. And if I love the devil then I cannot let him bring me down and down into degradation, anxiety, fiending and Xanax addiction. I must FIGHT ...for? this love? against it?? I dont even know no more.

Ahhh the very contradictory sensations in loving the devil, ahhh...!! But I have so far had only ONE cup today, and I plan to KEEP my Chino abuse addictions within my grasp. One minute at a time you they say in MA. My name is Chocolate Dick and I have a mochaccino problem. But I can beat this. One day I'ma beat it, I know.

But I'm saying, man, this mochaccino they got out there now on the streets. Man, it's powerful stuff, lemme tell you. It ain't like it was, the way it used to be when you were a kid, and could trust your local neighborhood chino dealer and know that he wasn't giving you some ole wack shit to get you strung out all your life....

Now they got mochaccino going by all kinda of crazy concoctions, wild shit, strong'r than strong, strong'r than anything got a right to be, too strong for no damn reason!! Like that Bath Sugar Salt Chino...that was some hot shit. 

Made you know how it felt to be for Charlie when he took over from Mister Wonka and changed everything, making chino. Cuz Mister Wonka when it was just him, he didn't know. He didn't know that chino could be like this.But Mister Charlie knew. He knew. Man that Bath Sugar Salt Chino...felt like you were King of Charlie's Chocolate Factory! It had me trippin but it was fun you know? That's when it was still fun. Before it got to be bad times. That was good times.

They got that Chronic Mochaccino This shit's muthafuckin cray man...had me thinking I could FLY. Can't nobody FLY that's human! If it hadn't been for my friend who don't do Mocha...*sad headshake*...I mighta got hurt or something. I had that MMAD too, they callin' it Mochaccino Madness.

That White man's Chino is the devil though...I had to stay away from that shit/ It's bad stuff man, real bad. 

It was Walter White that made that shit. I heard he was coming out with a new Mochaccino gonna blow all the competitor's away....gonna wipe the floor with all them other petty lll mess. All the young heads coming up now...that's what errybody takin is that White Man's Chocolate and the kids...I mean, it aint no kinda life to be sick this way. 

Make me worried for the young heads comin up cuz I know that couldn't nobody tell me nuthin when I was young. Now I'm a old head still got that monkey, jack. Know what I mean? Still got that chocolate muthafuckin monkey on my damn back.

I'm tryna stay clean. I went down to the clinic this morning, got my Mocha-done...but it aint no real way of livin' tied to the devil like that. You know what they say bout the Devil rides a pale horse and it's name is....yep...Mocha. 

Says right there in the Bible, the Lord told Adam:"And unto Adam he said, Because you have listened unto the voice of your wife, and have eaten of the cocoa bean, of which I commanded you, saying, You shall not eat of it, you shall not have no cocoa beans thusly accursed is the all the cocoa of all the world for your sake; in sorrow shall you eat of it all the days of your life."

Why the Lord gonna make something like the cocoa bean and the coffee bean, then curse man to suffer for it? I just don't know.

Why, man? Why?

Fuck Mister Charlie. He ain't had no love for nobody else why did he make that chino?? Mister Charlie made slaves out of all us. Chino slaves. Now all we got is monkeys riding us all hard. 

Yeah, fuck Mister Charlie. He don't care about the cocoa ghetto. He just don't care....

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